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Battery short : Consequences ?

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Apr 9, 2010
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Hi all,

I accidentally shorted my battery when my wrench slipped out of my hands and touched both terminals at once.

Loud bangs, sparks flew, but that was about it. The battery still works, but cranking power seems considerably reduced, and possibly getting worse fairly quickly (l started the A/C 4 times today, and it seemed a little harder each time).

The A/C just came out of annual and other-wise runs great, so presuming nothing else is going on, and that the most obvious cause is probably the right one, would this short explain the symptoms (reduced cranking power) ?

I'm no expert on battery chemistry and such.

The correlation between the event and the cranking issue seems pretty clear to me, and even being somewhat ignorant about these things, the short damaging the battery seems like a reasonable consequence, but I wanted to check before I spill for a new one.

It's a Concorde sealed RG-35A.

Used to start the engine in 2 turns, if that. Now it takes several seconds for the starter to even manage to turn the engine at all !


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