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For Sale Really nice Piper Turbo Arrow 3, $189,000

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Mar 18, 2017
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For sale in Arizona:

This is a really nice, heavily upgraded 1977 Piper Turbo Arrow, based in Chandler, Arizona. I purchased this Arrow in 2020, took it through an (unplanned) engine overhaul from 2021-2022 (thanks Flyguydon) which spiraled into a massive upgrade project. I was exceptionally pleased with the way everything turned out, and I used this bird for personal travel, as well as my instrument and commercial ratings. I a, now flying full time for a living, and there’s little time for personal flying in the next few years. Beyond that, this Arrow is too much for a student pilot (my daughter is getting to be that age), and I’ll likely acquire something simpler for her.

As a short version, the engine and prop are young, the avionics and panel and great, the interior is solid (older leather Im great shape), and the paint is a 6/10. Here is a listing of the plane’s stats and features. Times are approximate, and a bit on the high side if anything. I am still using the plane (albeit less frequently) for some personal flying and occasional Angel Flights, so times may change.

In annual (due August 2024), transponder and IFR pitot/static/altimeter certification (May 2024).

$189,000 gets you:

1977 Piper Turbo Arrow 3
Base Vref without avionics and mods: $159,000
7700 AFTT
160 SMOH
Complete logs for Airframe, engine, prop
Converted to AdLog in 2022
Hartzell 3-blade prop installed new in 2015 (at 7299 AFTT)

Backup gear extension system permanently disabled / pitot mast removed (Piper kit used).

Under 5000 factored service hours, clean eddy current spar hole inspection in 2020 completed before engine overhaul investment.

Damage history - engine failure (different engine) led to gear up landing in a Kansas field, 1999. Excellent documentation of repair (skins, flaps, rear spar carry through splice) on 337.

-Engine overhaul to new limits, 2021
-Turbo overhaul, 2021
-Merlyn Black Magic UDPC, overhauled 2021
-New hoses, 2021
-EI CGR-30P engine monitor (serial linked for fuel / GPS)
-Panel annunciator lights for CGR-30
-EI USB-6A USB power port panel on co-pilot side
-Dual Garmin G5s with GAD-29b
-GAD13 with Davtron OAT probe integrated to G5 (OAT, TAS, winds)
-Garmin GTN-650 GPS/Nav/Comm
-Flightstream 510 data link
-Garmin SL30 Nav/comm
-Garmin GI-106A CDI for Nav#2
-Garmin GTX-335 transponder with ADSB-out
-New RAMI transponder antenna
-PS Engineering PMA8000B stereo intercom (non-Bluetooth)
-Powered Bose LEMO jacks for front 2 seats (no dual plug jacks, but adapters included with sale)
-One Bose A20 with Bluetooth (LEMO jack) included with sale
-Aerospace Logic FL202 digital fuel gauge with audio alarm
-Bendix / King AeroCruze 100 autopilot with GTN/ G5 integration
-Mid-Continent USB Clock
-Garmin Aera 796 portable in AirGizmos dock, wired for ship’s power, external GPS and XM, and serial connected to GTN and GDL 39 for flight plan/traffic display
-Garmin GDL39 behind panel, with external GPS and ADSB antenna, Bluetooth traffic and serial linked to Aera 796
-Two MaxDim dimming buses, one for main bus (radios and LEDs), one for under dash brow lighting (pre-wired, light strip not installed yet)
-Complete re-wire of circuit breaker panel, with labeled Tefzel wiring, all Klixon breakers, custom label template from Arrow4Graphics
-GPS lead pre-connected and wired for 406ELT (121.5 unit currently installed)
-Copper power cables (aluminum removed)
-Most of fiberglass removed, Airtex closed cell foam insulation installed
-Whelen Orion 650 LED wingtip strobes / navs
-Tail beacon delete
-Whelen LED rear position light
-Whelen LED landing light
-New brake hoses, 2023
-AeroRockers LED-lit rocker switches to replace all Piper rockers (FAA field approved)
-Pitot/static instruments re-plumbed with 1/4” tubing and manifolds from drain fitting onward
-Grayhill 30-1 high-use push to talk switches for both yokes
-Yoke extension with red AP disconnect (Grayhill 30-17) on pilot side
-Concorde RG35AXC battery installed 2022
-BatteryMinder for Concorde battery included
-Flaps repainted in 2023 (for better appearance)
-LoPresti hubcaps for main gear
-Blower motor for overhead vents removed, system still functions as ram air ventilation system (all tubing replaced).
-Kennon window shades for all windows
-Rosen visors with power chart (adjusted for Merlyn UDPC) on pilot side
-Overhauled alternator / drive adapter, 2023

-V-band clamp for Turbo AD on order since June of 2023, still waiting (in initial 50 hour compliance period, can re-inspect thereafter)


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