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Piper Digital Engine Gauge (DDMP) replacements

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Jun 4, 2022
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1st, I can't find the proper name for this gauge circled in the pic. It's the digital readout for my engine gauges in my 2001 Saratoga II TC that displays MP, RPM, fuel flow, etc. If anyone can please educate me I'll be able to use the correct name/term for the rest of this convo. It's a DDMP, thanks @philiplane

2nd, mine may have bitten the dust. For the 2 years I've had the plane it worked fine aside for occasionally throwing an error and alarm about vacuum system being inop, but my vac system was removed years ago. I'd simply silence the alarm and it would be fine for several flights before doing it again. Now the unit is in a continuous alarm state w/ no way to clear it or display useful data. The round analog gauges below it that [I believe] share the same sensors all still work well but I miss the more granular digital read out and redundancy. If anyone has seen this issue and has any fix suggestions I welcome them.

3rd, if the unit has finally died, I'm thinking that a direct swap with a used unit that someone else has removed for an upgrade might be the cheapest and easiest fix to hold me over until i do a full panel upgrade in the next few years. But, back to #1, I can't even search for this unit until I know what it's called. All other fix, replace, or upgrade ideas are welcome too.

Panel N98JF.JPG
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