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New (maybe new, maybe not) problem, engine quit again.

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Apr 7, 2016
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So back in April, I had a temporary in-flight engine failure...see my write up here:


The failure was at least in part determined to be caused by a bad impulse coupler (and BTW, in my post above, I had incorrectly said the engine would only run on left magneto, when it was actually the right magneto that ran fine). My girlfriend was with me when my engine died back in April, and it scared the heck out of her. After my mechanic replaced the impulse coupler parts, he and I had a discussion about the age / time on my magnetos. I decided to replace BOTH my magnetos with brand new ones (to the tune of about $6000) just to reassure my girlfriend that the plane would be running great from now on.

I got the plane back in service about 2 weeks ago, and even made a solo long distance flight with it for the Dayton Hamvention...everything seemed to be working great, and I felt as if the engine was running stronger than ever...that is, until yesterday. Unfortunately, this was my girlfriend's first flight since the April engine failure.

It started as the EXACT same scenario: We were coming home, flying along at 5500 feet, and we were getting close to our home airport (crazy but it was virtually over the same spot on the ground as the failure in April). I pulled back the throttle to reduce manifold pressure to about 18" to start our descent when just like before, BAM, engine quit again! But unlike last time, adding throttle brought it right back. I then stayed at 5500 feet until easily within gliding distance of our home field, then I tried to replicate the failure again...but this time, it just throttled back like normal. Did it 3 times...all three times it ran fine. Switching mags changed nothing as well. Plenty of fuel. All gauges (oil pressure, oil temp, fuel temp, exhaust temp) all indicating normal. Once on the ground, static run up normal.

So now I'm wondering if the first failure was due to two separate problems (mag impulse coupler plus ?)...I'll call my mechanic on Monday morning, but wow, has this plane been NOTHING but three years of constant gremlins.
I'm not sure my girlfriend will ever go up in it again, and I don't blame her. More than likely it will be up for sale once the problem is fixed...anyone wanna buy an Arrow that has had over $130,000 in maintenance, repairs, and parts in 3 years (with no damage history no less)?
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