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Cruise Climb

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Apr 13, 2010
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I've posted this in several forums so I apologize for the x-posts.
1975 PA 28-235

Just did a trip from KUGN to KSET yesterday IFR. First climb to 8000' since I've owned the airplane. It was 65F at 8000' probably 85F at ground level. I was kind of disappointed in the climb rate above 5000'. I had the rpm at 2500 and full throttle. (And slightly leaned mixture) Above 6-7000' I had trouble keeping the rate of climb at 500fpm. I was trying to cruise climb at 115-120 mph for engine cooling. Ended up at around 100mph (Vy) to keep 4-500 fpm. Oil temp getting close to red line.

Is this typical? Is there a better climb profile/procedure? What altitude do most of you cruise at? (I try to pick best altitude by winds aloft) yesterday the best altitude was 12000, but I didn't want to try that high yet. Now I'm not sure I'd ever get there!


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