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Jul 6, 2010
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The Arrow will not start. It's been difficult to start for a while but now it's much worse. After lots of cranking I get no life at all. Lets stipulate that it isn't getting a spark.

Facts to consider:

Mag drops have always been well within limits, so mags are probably OK.

The starting switch is worn out. It's become difficult to make contact and get the starter to crank, but once the starting motor starts cranking it will continue until I release the switch. The switch seems to have gotten worse recently.

Several times in recent months I have released the switch to stop the cranking and as I do, the engine starts instantly. In other words, it starts when the switch goes back to "Both".

So: I know I need a new switch in any case. But what are the chances that a new switch will solve the starting problem? Could the worn out switch not be connecting the left mag? If a new switch it doesn't solve the problem, what else might be wrong? I heard something about a P lead. What is that?

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