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Propeller installation and balancing

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Apr 9, 2010
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So last year I was chasing down what seemed like excessive vibrations.

In the process, I had the propeller installation looked at, as I suspected it had been improperly re-installed previously after working on an unrelated problem.

I also found out about dynamic balancing.

So, with those two pieces of information, I went to the local guy that does dynamic prop balancing and said:

- Could you check whether my prop is properly installed?
- If not, remove and re-install properly
- Then dynamically balance it.

He ended up removing it, re-installing it, and balancing it. Great.

Turns out he did it wrong too (!@#%@#%).

As a matter of principle, I may go chase after him to fix his work, but still I'm curious ... how big a deal is it to have a propeller not installed exactly as per the MM? I mean everything runs great otherwise, and if it wasn't for the fact I'm a stickler for details and have a copy of the MM myself to check after the mechanics, no one would be the wiser really.

The prop is due in two years I think, I may just wait, the logistics of getting the plane in to see the guy, and arguing about it, might not be worth it, if it's otherwise not that big a deal.


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