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Plowing the field

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Apr 8, 2010
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We had a decent day yesterday and this morning was nasty but just turned into a beautiful VFR day. For some reason the airport bought a $180,000 snow plow and a $200,000 facility to put it in. Yet, nobody will plow the damn field. I cant get out of the hangar and the taxiways are covered in snow, brand new snowplow hasn't been started. the folks who put dinner on their table because of the airport are starting to get less than impressed and im debating on buying a snow plow just so I can fly. The FBO's on the field have offered to fire the plow up and plow it but get told they cant because they aren't authorized. MY CFI said he had to turn away 6 customers in the past 2 days due to the snow and there isn't a good reason the field isn't plowed and its going to freeze and cause all sorts of issues. End of Rant. I guess it is possible to taxi, take off and land but why would i risk it when our tax money just spent $380,000 to plow the damn field?

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