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Pa32-260 rudder rigging

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Mar 4, 2011
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Next project is to figure out my rudder rigging. She is going up on jacks on Monday for a main gear rebuild and at the same time, attempt to sort this one out once and for all. so....

I have read as many forums as I could find related to this subject. Seems like there are two options. Mine acts like option #1.

#1 Rudder trim is for applying right rudder only. Turning the trim knob all the way to the left relieves all right rudder pressure and provides no left rudder pressure. Seems to make sense since this is a single and not a twin.

#2. This option is exactly as the 1980 Saratoga 32R that I ferried today performed. Trim indicator was definitely in the center and provided ample left and right rudder pressure. This makes sense cause when I'm smoking downhill, a bit of left rudder trim is needed.

But what is a bit strange is that I need very little right rudder in the climb in my bird. Therefore I know something is amiss. One of the "other piper forum" contributors mentions that the bracket holding the trim assemble is faulty from the factory and I must fabricate a new one. If I want both left and right authority, this will have to happen in my bird.

Anyone else have a 6 that operates one way or the other?

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