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PA28 KLN89B Install Cost

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Apr 8, 2010
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Just going over the google analytics records one of the top searches that brings people here is either "PA28 KLN89B Install Cost" or "KLN89B install cost" (oh and JeffK, you're famous, thanks for the site traffic) . Seeing that I have just had this work done. I thought I'd do a little write up for the googlers.

I searched and searched for an IFR Transplant KLN89B or similar system for over a year. I finally found one with everything I needed yellow tagged and ready to go from an avionics shop for $1,150.00. People will tell you to get a 430W or KLN94 because they cost "nearly the same in the end" in my experience this just simply isn't true. My setup had a KX170B tied to a VOR head. I had this removed and the 89B put in its place. This left me with only one radio, so I went with a servicable KY197 COMM for $800.00. I had quotes for the KX170B removal and IFR install of the KLN89B ranging from $1500-$2400. My bill is $1900.00 for the install of it all. So, for an IFR Certified KLN89B + a KY 197 + installation it comes to $3,850.00 I also had him look into a flaky PTT button as well as bench test the KX170B that was removed. Granted Im lacking WAAS on the GPS and only have one VOR/ILS tied to my existing KX155.

For the curious the equipment that went in was:
- KI202 Indicator
- AK-950 Annunciator
- KA92 Antenna
- KY 197 COMM

I don;t think you are going to get even a 300XL IFR certified and installed at that price, much less a 430 or better. Going to pick the plane up Wednesday/Thursday to deliver it to the upholstery guy, will provide pictures then. :)

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