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Feb 17, 2011
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I was finally able to get my new 74 Warrior into my local rented hanger. I am able to look over things with more detail,aircraft & books/paperwork. For starters I see the useful load is much lower than the figure originally shown to me. There are a few details the previous owner was a little fuzzy on. The useful load of 994 is a number in the manual that is the max possible useful load from the factory with limited added items for the plane. This particular useful load is 884 or so as listed in the most recent weight & balance update.

I looked yesterday & don't see where the 'oil cooler plate' goes for flying below 50 degrees temp. It's in the plane & will be warm soon. I see the oil cooler on the aft left side of the engine, but no obvious way to attach the plate. Yes, I'm sure it's simple once seen. I did lube up the yoke rod on both sides, it had an annoying squeak & was rather dry. It's like a dream now.

I'm doing the Federal & WI registration. WI wants another $2200. 00+ as sales tax & fees. I plan to ask for a freebee or 2 when I send my check, even a WI directory will be nice. When I left the sellers airport 100LL was $4.15 a gallon. The FBO said it was on the way up the next day. I filled up. My landings are getting better, I've slowed down my speed on final to something more reasonable. The older Son has been with me, I'm ready for the family now.

I just mail ordered 2 cases of oil(oilstore.com or close). I went with 15w-50 and 100w+, both Shell products. My plan was to go with 100 in the summer, & 15w-50 during the cool months. I may go with a 'Tempest' oil filter #48110, any ideas on where to order? Or even the Champion filter?

How about cleaning the windows & leading edges? Any ideas on easy to get local cleaners? The glass & paint are very nice. The tires seem fine(tread & PSI), though I will check psi on my next visit.

Then we have insurance? Hangered only with some liability? I may check on that today. I spent the SUV $$ so I don't have a loan on the plane, just have to keep the 2006 family car & 2 trucks going a little longer.

Here's another one. The engine time SMOH was listed at 700 hours in the original sales ad. I look at the engine log books very carefully. I see the hours marching up with each annual to 360 hours on the last annual,Nov 2010. I don't know where the 700 came from & I do see exactly when the engine was all redone with new cylinders in 1999. I guess that's a pleasant surprise. The latest compression tests are 74,74,78,78.

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