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Insight GEM 610 Engine Monitor

Dec 29, 2012
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GEM Series 610

Graphic Engine Monitor - Used w/ probes and wiring from Lycoming IO-360 C1C6
Removed in operating condition for panel / engine analyzer upgrade
$395 Plus shipping
Contact Andy > [email protected]


  • Selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius Temperatures.
  • Normalization Mode: allows easy observation of any change in EGT during cruise flight. The GEM will memorize current EGT indications and electronically adjust bar graph display to align all EGT columns with the "Reference Asterisk". Any change in EGT will instantly obvious.
  • Lean Mode: is used during cruise to identify the leanest cylinder. Lean Mode can be entered at any time. The GEM's microprocessor analyzes EGT temperatures and indicates the leanest cylinder by blinking the appropriate column.
  • Monitor Mode: GEM continuously indicates actual EGT pattern in optimum resolution. Real CHT shown for each cylinder.
  • Trend Indicators.
  • OAT Sensing.
  • Dual TIT Annunciators.
  • Soft Hobbs Meter/Clock Calendar.
  • Automatic Data Logging of Vital Engine Temperatures into non-volatile memory.
  • Wireless Infrared Interface.
  • Software configurable.
  • Back-lit CHT scale.
  • Automatic self-test at start-up.
  • More than a decade after the GEM revolutionized engine monitoring, GEM 610 is "The Next Generation" in engine monitoring and diagnostic systems.

  • Size: 2-1/4" panel mount.
  • Weight installed is 3 lbs.
  • Power: 10-30VDC.


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