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How do I spend money that I dont have?

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Apr 8, 2010
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Ive been struggling with this since February, It doesnt look like an IFR installed GPS is goign to be the way to go since I will be flying VFR 99.99% of the time.
My setup DUAL VOR's, 1 has ILS and glideslope , marker beacons, 2 nav/comms 1 is flip flop other is not. and 1 inop ADF. My problem is to file here for my checkride, I need either DME, ADF or GPS addition to that
setup. Estimated to fix my KRS86 is $600 dont really want to dump 600 into an ADF (Although I suppose getting proficient at flying an ADF could be good practice as long as they are still around). Found a steal on a KLN89B but the IFR install cost and CDI make it not very much of a bargin not to mention having to keep the GPS Databases up to date to stay legal and I'd need to open up stack space somewhere which made me look to replacing the older comm/CDI with a GPS/NAV/COMM system, still too expensive for what I'm trying to do + keeping it legal costs. So, I'm swaying towards a DME setup. I know nothing about DME are they heavy/Expensive to install, what sort of system should I look at? Can I get one in for less than 2K? Any better suggestions? There is a pesky NDB sitting out by the airport that I have to identify for the approach here, but I'd like to be able to File IFR most places I go should I need to poke through a cloud layer or something to get down.

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