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Garmin Aera

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Jun 8, 2011
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Im sure this topic has been beat to death. But after much back. And forth, I finally broke down and bought the Aera 500.
Have been using iPad and fore flight for several months. The iPad works great but there are several features that fore flight does not offer that I felt only a tru aviation GPS could do. Direct to, and nearest airport being the biggest add with an aviation GPS. The iPad will handle direct to with several steps. As opposed to a quick touch of the direct to button on the Aera.
Also I find the Aera GPS function to be quicker and more responsive to heading changes. ( I have the bad elf for my iPad).
For. $699, the Aera is a bargain. I love the touch screen and had no issues with using it in turbulence.
Having not used the 296 , I can't really comment or compare the two. I have the iPad set up on the co pilot yoke facing my direction. The Aera is on the pilot yoke.

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