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Garmin 430 Static & Interference

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Feb 10, 2011
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Hope somebody else may have experienced this or has idea as to how to fix it. Avionics shop Installed 430W in 2009 but kept same Bendix antenna. Started having problems with static and receiving interference 6 -8 months later so back to shop. They then replaced the antenna cable. Thought it was fixed until May 2010 on trip to Fla and at Naples Fla started getting interference so bad could not use radio until after getting about 3-5 miles from airport then everything OK. Happened again on departure from Mobil Ala but was OK after getting few miles away from aprt. Back to shop, Garmin provided a swap out and stated - something to effect that "they narrowed down or tightened up the freq ???( my wording). Seemed to work OK until about 4 months ago then again started getting interference or static when near large airports in large city. Sometimes it sounds like music playing in the static. This happens in Dallas area and Houston. In Houston / it starts when about 3 mile final to Hobby aprt, then after departure it clears up when about 6 miles to West. So, went to different avionics shop, they said it was the antenna so out came Bendix and in went Garmin (expensive along with having to put new skin section on as different size mounting hole and then the paint job was botched up on color). Ok, back to Hobby and again still getting the same interference when on final, on the airport and on departure. Standard procedure now is to have 2nd radio on freq standby to use when interference begins. So, to date, new Garmin 430W, has been back to Garmin once, antenna cable new, to different shop and new Garmin antenna. Problem only occurs at larger airports / larger cities. Antenna is mounted on top fuselage behind baggage compartment.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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