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Fuel Gauge Issues

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Apr 8, 2010
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When I bought the plane, The fuel gaues were described as "Left works OK, right doesnt". So the left fuel gauges does go down with time flying but I don't think its that accurate. The right gauge did work for a short period of time, then quit. and to be honest I have kinda just quit looking at it so im not sure if it comes on anymore or not, it was intermittent to begin with. The few times i have glanced at it its reading empty. Talked to my A&P about it and he said He used to have a guy who was great with fuel gauges that he let troubleshoot all his fuel gauge issues but unfortunately he passed away a while back. He said that troubleshooting fuel gauges can be a money pit and that my annual was getting up there in expenses as it was. So, is there anything obvious I can look at/test when I go down to the hangar on Thursday to install the baffling and put the panels back on before digging too deep?
Thanks for all your help, I know I've been full of questions during the annual.

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