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2 companies selling flight apps for the ipad

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Apr 22, 2010
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For those of you drooling over the new ipad and just waiting for an excuse to buy one (and to justify it your significant other), both ForeFlight and Airguide have pretty nifty apps. Personally I think that Foreflight has the better package so far with VFR, Low & High Enroute, weather, flight planning, and DUAT access with Wx briefing and filing. The ipad is 9.5 X 7.5 X .5 inches so it won't be much for the piper cockpit, and with wi-fi and 3G (for data), updates during the flight will be easy (I watched a friend using his iphone almost for the entire 2 hr trip, so I know connection is possible in the air). The subcription price is 75.00 a year. Also Foreflight is available for the iphone and ipod. This might actually beat all the other gps units including Garmin.


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