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1966 Cessna 150F Very Nice, 6590TTAF, <100 hours on engine and airframe overhaul, always hangered - $47,500

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Oct 13, 2013
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Cedar Rapids, IA
1966 Cessna 150F, 6590 TTAF with recently overhauled engine and airframe. Has the Mogas STC
Less than 100 hours since “aircraft disassembled, fuselage stripped and primered with epoxy primer, all flight controls stripped and primered with epoxy primer and then painted with Imron paint. Installed new wheel bearings and tires on all three, rebuilt nose strut per maintenance manual, recovered seats with new Airtex seat covers, installed new Airtex carpet, rebuilt shimmy damper. Installed new windshield, door windows and rear windows. Aircraft sold before being completed” (logbook entry 2006 @6501.0 hours)
Then in 2012 per logbook @6508.6 hours, “Reassembled aircraft using all new hardware. Bled brake system. Rigged flight controls and lubed airframe as required. Installed engine mount/engine/prop and rigged engine controls. Installed new Hobbs meter, ran for 1.7 hours on bench. Verified and complied with all ADs. Replaced seat tracks and rollers. Test flew aircraft several hours with no faults."
My father purchased this in 2012 for my brother and my son to use for PPL training. He purchased it unassembled and worked with a A&P/IA to have it put together carefully and correctly. He wanted a good, reliable, and safe airplane for them to learn in before moving onto his Mooney after building hours. It’s always been stored in a hanger with a cement floor since the 2006 tear down and complete overhaul of the engine and airframe.
This is a very nice ADSB compliant airplane with a strong engine as well as good radios, instruments, and intercom. Wheel pants are included but not currently installed. It will be sold with a fresh annual inspection.
I don't know much more about the airplane but I can put a serious buyer in touch with my father to answer any questions, provide more information, or arrange a meeting to look at the plane.
Based at KCID, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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