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1963 PA28 150B


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Apr 8, 2010
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00W has served me well but my training mission for it is nearing completion. Would make a good plane for primary through instrument training. We've taken it all over the PNW on cross countries too.

Time to burn more fuel and pay more for insurance.

Haven't calculated the times lately but Approx 700SMOH 6300TT

The 150 is similar to a 140 with the most noticable difference being that it has a factory baggage door and no hat rack.

In the last 2.5 years, off the top of my head.
New engine baffling
All new hoses (oil cooler, fuel, etc..)
Rebuilt Mags
New tires
New airtex carpet.
new wall panels
new DG
new AI
new VSI
new KI202 CDI
new AK650 annunciator
new Alt Encoder
new filters.
new boost pump

KLN89B IFR Certified install
KX155 w/GS
Narco AT150 w/Encoder
PS Engineering integraed 4 place audio w/ dual PTT
KMA Audio Panel
AK650 Annunciator
Transponder recently checked but IFR certs just ran out last month.
4cyl EGT
LC-2 Clock timer

New Airtex carpet
New wall panels
Serviceable seats (don't quite match, hardly noticeable but they're in 8/10 shape)
Could use a headliner
Plexiglass is servicable but has some crazing and a stop drilled crack on the door window.

Exterior 7/10 paint is all there and not faded but it doesn't shine as well as it used to.

Engine approx 700SMOH, propeller is fairly new and in great shape (200hrs on it I think)

The Bad
Very old damage history (1960s)
Corrosion history that was corrected approx 7 years ago.
Seems the left side fuel quantity sender has a hole in it making the left fuel level gauge indicator not so trust worthy. (Will be corrected at next annual if not sold first when SB1006 is complied with)
Could use a headliner
could use new plexiglass
Sometimes the ASI bounces at about rotate speed on takeoff, pitot/static system needs cleaning. (going to have this looked at when I renew the IFR certs soon)
A couple of the EGT probes are inaccurate.






Asking $23,000

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