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X-Plane for IFR Training

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Apr 8, 2010
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I got a new computer and X-Plane to fool around with for my IFR training. Honestly Im not terribly excited about tracking a VOR on my computer monitor for hours on end and Im not sure it was cost effective either after I bought the computer, A friend gave me a joy stick that "works OK" but if i do buy the rudder and yoke, i will have spent about 15hrs flight time on it all. After about 10 minutes of doing barrel rolls and spin recovery (and just holding it in a spin for the hell of it :) ) in a Cessna 172, the cool factor wore off and I decided to fly some VOR's etc.. So I flew around and intercepted VOR's, holding patterns etc.. I really havent figured out how to run the sim very well yet and I have 0 experience with a Garmin 430 so it just sits there and looks random to me. Does there exist sort of a handbook for IFR training or something that could give me missions? (i.e some sample IFR departures, arrivals, departures, approaches etc...) Maybe some sort of self guided lessons or something if there is an add on to simulate an instructor telling me i have reverse sensing and im going the wrong way, that'd be nice too. I have only done in the sim what I have done with an instructor, but would like to go a little beyond that. Im not real creative and have never filed IFR before so I'd just be winging it if i tried to come up with a real world scenario. Any suggestions on how to use this thing for IFR training?

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