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Vibration on downwind

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Oct 29, 2023
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Port Charlotte FL
I have a 1967 Piper Cherokee 140 with the 160hp engine and PowerFlo exhaust. I've noticed a vibration whenever I reduce power for landing. Upon reducing power to 2000RPM, the vibration starts very slightly, getting more pronounced as power is brought back to 1700-1800. It's at its worst at about 1600. I did slow flight at altitude and tried a mag check at 1800 to see if the vibration changed or stopped on either mag and it didn't. The vibration stays consistent down to about 1400-1500 and then it goes away completely.
The local A&P (very reputable shop) said the only thing they found out of the ordinary was the engine mounts. He recommended changing the engine mounts as he found 2 that had some deterioration due to oil leaking on them. I have never heard of this before and wanted to see if anyone on here had. The cost is approximately $2100 and there's no guarantee it would even resolve the issue.
If it IS the engine mounts, wouldn't I feel this vibration at more power settings, especially take off power?

Hoping I can get some help on this forum. Thanks all.

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