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Steve Fosset investigation

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Apr 27, 2010
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Has anyone seen the in depth investigation by National Geographic on the Steve Fosset crash? Now that I get several hundred channels on my television set and have the ability to record anything that looks interesting to watch it at my leisure, I was able to view this special. I can highly recommend this one as it goes into great detail of what happens to normally aspirated aircraft that fly too close to the granite on the eastern slope of the sierra. The conclusion is that he survived the crash and was able to travel a short distance from the site, but died later as a result of exposure or his injuries. Lessons here: First and foremost: Keep at least a couple of thousand feet above the granite, if its windy know your aircrafts limitations, they don't climb very well at 12,000' like they do at sea level. DON'T fly up a canyon thinking you will gain enough altitude to get out of it at the end. Flight plan, flight following through center, an emergency locator beacon, some medical supplies, a warm jacket, water, etc....By following anyone of these simple rules Steve Fosset could still be alive and flying.

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