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Sell my Six....PA32-260 SOLD!!!

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Sep 2, 2010
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1965 PA32-260 "Cherokee Six," S/N 32-181. This is a clean WAAS IFR equipped aircraft that is a good heavy hauler, has docile flight characteristics, and has wonderful performance. The Cherokee Six is often referred to as a "flying SUV." This one carries 1525 lbs and cruises at an honest 155 mph on 13.5 gph. N3342W has been with it's current owner for over 5 years, and is hangar kept. The current owner is an A&P and has spared no maintenance. His wife doesn’t fly so the plane has to go. His loss is your gain.

$69,900 OBO trades considered (4 seats & 160kts)

Airframe: 3925 TT
Engine: 544 SMOH, OH by Lycoming 08-03-2000 (has ~200 hrs on NEW crankshaft)
Propeller: 411 SMOH
Propeller Hub: 411 TT (-B; no regular eddy-current AD inspections needed)
Last annual: 10-18-2010
Fuel Capacity: 84 Gallons: 25 gal mains; 17 gal tips (newer style fuel selector & OH’d tanks – no leaks)
Blackstone Oil Analysis: Perfect (performed since new Lycoming crankshaft installed)


* AT 50 TRANSPONDER w/mode C encoder
* Century I Autopilot
* ADF (Older model, see pictures).
* (6) place intercom
* Strobe
* Ram’s horn yokes w/PTT & AP release
* BM EFIS/GPS (non-certified VFR only)
* New custom cover w/cowl plugs
* Ground Service Plug
* Spin-on oil filter
* All airframe & engine & parts/maintenance manuals

The exterior of N3342W is in good condition for a 40 year old airplane. She does show some very minor hail damage, a hint in the thin skins; an area of the stabilator and the wing control surfaces (difficult to see). The fiberglass cowling is beginning to showing its age and has developed a few surface cracks, typical to the PA-32 family. The paint is glossy and over all in good condition with the exception of the typical up-close small nicks and dings that might be found on ANY airplane. I’d call it a nice 50 foot paint job.

N3342W's interior is wonderful condition, with updated camel leather high back adjustable seats and two tone camel and grey side panels. Middle row seats are forward facing and are removable like the rear seats. The fabric portion of the headliner is a light tan color and is in good condition. The carpet is fair and could use updating. All ADs are complied with and she’s very airworthy. Logbooks for this airplane are complete since new.

The engine is very strong and was rebuilt 200 hours ago due to a mandatory crankshaft AD. Lycoming installed the new crankshaft and also replaced many internal items, the wiring harness & fuel pump. Blackstone is reporting a perfect bill of health in the oil analysis. Oil analysis reports are available for the past 5 years.

N3342W does have a history of damage in her early years (1966 and 1969), that involved mishaps related to the landing phase of flight. Repairs were very professionally executed and are not noticeable. By following the links below, you can read up on the NTSB's report of what happened. http://www3.ntsb.gov/aviationquery/brie ... 4563&key=0 http://www3.ntsb.gov/aviationquery/brie ... 3560&key=0 Both of these incidents were far in N3342W's past, and she’s been flying very well for decades since.

Serious bidders wanting additional photos and log book entries may send me a PM.
http://www.controller.com/listingsdetai ... 195409.htm?

[attachment=2:24qop596]n3342 21.JPG[/attachment:24qop596][attachment=1:24qop596]n3342 22.JPG[/attachment:24qop596]
[attachment=0:24qop596]n3342 23.JPG[/attachment:24qop596]


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