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Possible fuel starvation problem upon start up, or something

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Mar 25, 2011
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I have a 76 Arrow and for the last month or so when I start the plane (always fores right up) it starts shaking like it's starving for fuel or something like that.
When I increase RPM to maybe 1,400- 1,500 it goes away. Then when I go back to idle (around 1,000) it starts again.
It only does it for about 10-20 seconds.
Then after a few times of a higher RPM I can go back to idle and it's fine.
Sometimes I start my plane 5 times a day with all the flying I'm doing and it's only the first start of the day that it does it.
It almost feels like some water in the fuel or something like that. (it's in a hanger so there's no water)
Other that that, the engine is super strong and I usually get a least a 1,000 fpm climb with 2 people.

I do the correct starting procedure and fro over a year I start the same way, just lately it's been doing this.

Any suggestions or advice ?

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