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New W&B

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Apr 21, 2010
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I just had my plane weighed due to all of the upgrades I have done. The plane is a 1969 180D. It doesn't look like there has been an actual W&B done on the airplane since it was new. Just addendums when things were added or subtracted. The big question I have is "Is it typical for the airplane to be weighed with full tanks, then back out the 300 lbs for 50 gallons of fuel?" The new CG is 0.44 in aft of the old CG, currently 85.84". The old weight was shown to be 1309.9 lbs. The new weight is shown to be 1478 lbs. I am pretty sure we took out more weight than we put in as far as equipment goes. The new interior probably weighs a few pounds more than the old, but not that much more. I am thinking that I would have the airplane weighed again with the tanks drained. The issue I have is that with the old W&B, My wife and I along with 50 gallons of fuel and 20 lbs in the baggage compartment is within the envelope. Now, we need 150 lbs baggage and 36 gallons max to be in the envelope if she sits in the front seat.

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