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My first owner-assisted annual

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Apr 9, 2010
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Worked Thursday and Friday ... hopefully the bulk of the work will be finished Monday (couple of parts might come in Tuesday though).

Prop was removed for 5 year overhaul.
I spend thursday morning cleaning up all my logs, and removing all that needs to be removed (outside in the cold while they finished the previous annual in the hangar). That was fun!

Went through the firewall forward inspection the rest of the way. Will need new exhaust flange gaskets, a new gasket for the oil filler neck and a new grommet for the carb heat air box (a grommet which apparently is IMPOSSIBLE to find! gah!). Learned things about checking the fuel system and air intake systems, etc ... also checked my original equipment shimmy damper, and it's still quite solid! (Good thing, I hear those are expensive).

Friday did the interior, the wings and the landing gear and a few things around the engine. Aileron cable tensions are off, so that'll get fixed (under my rear seat). Opened the pilot side wall, found that the ELT remote switch isn't connected (broken wire)! Did the yoke AD. Check flaps and trim actuation, battery, under the panel, controls, etc ... repacked the wheal bearings, ordered new tires and tubes for the MLG, checked the breaks, control travel in the wings, oleos, checked for fluid leaks, fuel hoses, bell cranks ... some electrical wires were loose and might've interfered with the controls, tie-wrapped those.
Oh, and removed the ELT, which is way back in the tail, a PITA. I put back on a whole bunch of cowls and covers and such.

Monday: need to fix some helicoils for the spark plugs, take apart the exhaust and oil filler neck. install new tubes and tires and put the MLG back together. I'll clean interior related things while they're out and put it back together, after doing the cable tension.

Didn't make order time on friday, so some parts will come in on Tuesday, the AME will finish things off. the prop is due back in too.

I got a a new spinner front bulkhead (old one was cracked and stop-rivetted, causing vibrations). Also got a Challenger/K&N air filter, looking forward to see if I get the claimed performance improvement.

All in all, no bad surprises! And learning LOTS. Taking a little longer than I originally expected, but they're very thorough, which is what I like, they looked places that clearly hadn't been looked at in a LONG time! Still, I'm helping when I can, gotta save some money there, though I'm asking questions and taking some time away from the AME there ... but it's OK, it'll all be learned and will go by faster next year.

All owners should do these!

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