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Looking for a Saratoga selling Dakota


Junior Member
Oct 26, 2015
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Anyone that knows where a well equipped Saratoga(non turbo) is please let me know has to have atleast a 430w love to have auto pilot no damage history. please email me at [email protected] thanks.
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Mar 1, 2015
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If you are an XC flyer, that turbo will be that's meow. But, if you keep it under 10k, NA is a smart move.

I love making power up high. If OH is your driving factor, assume $35k for the TIO540 as a good number with new cylinders.


Sep 21, 2015
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79 Dakota(non Turbo)
2450 TT
The engine is at TBO just had an annual done compressions are all in the high 70s mechanics said I could fly out for another 100 to 200 hours easy

530 WAAS( all maps and Hardware and software)(up to date)
Garmin GTX 327
Garmin GMA 340
Auto pilot( no alt hold will follow GPS)
New lords engine mounts
New front tire
Prop has 70 hours on overhaul
Prometheus landing light LED
Engine cradle was sent off painted and sent back due to a small hairline crack and updated mount bracket
New rear brakes and all components
Annual completed at the end of July
New oil cooler hoses( AD)
Glass is in great shape – always stored in hanger no corrosion new ELT battery all logbooks and every receipt Done. Bought it from a gentleman that lost his medical he bought it from a gentleman that owned it for over 20 years at the same airport
Has one new cylinder due to a piece of exhaust that got up into it that cylinder has 50 hours on it did the proper break-in with oil, was done prior of my purchase have all records( we have used Camguard at every oil change (we do oil change every 25 hours)
New exhaust baffles newer starter and alternator( light weight)
IFR certified
Does have full cockpit cover
No damage history
Put new solid bungees

New plugs Flap-gap seals and speed mods

May help with delivery for a fee



Well-Known Member
Nov 8, 2015
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Plane looks nice, but a bit pricey for me since it needs an engine overhaul.

Orest @ CYFD

Supporting Member
Feb 15, 2012
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The avionics are older but more than basic, and quite serviceable. If it is clean and it all checks out, that is a buyer's price on a Dakota.

Engine overhaul will add $35k, but that is more a factor on price point for the sale. Engine may well run for a while yet.

* Orest

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