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Interesting Idea With MoGas

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Apr 12, 2010
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General Aviation news

U-Fuel launches Aviation Fuel Club

U-Fuel of Eau Claire, Wis., a pioneer in self-service fuel stations, has established the Aviation Fuel Club.

With roots in founder Mike Webb’s FBO of the 1980s, Oshkosh Aero, the Aviation Fuel Club (AFC), a non-profit organization registered in Wisconsin, seeks to reduce the cost of flying by providing safe, environmentally-friendly fuel and facilities for Sport Aviation. The club will be unveiled later this week at the 2011 U.S. Sport Aviation EXPO in Sebring, Florida, the largest trade show in the U.S. dedicated to the growing Light Sport Aircraft community.
Pilots, FBOs, flying clubs and schools and other aviation-related organizations are invited to join the Aviation Fuel Club, which will provide affordable, self-service fuel stations and assure the highest-quality, lowest-cost aviation fuels to its members. Since AFC’s focus is on Sport Aviation, the club will focus much attention on supplying ethanol free, 91+ octane Mogas to its members.

U-Fuel is also unveiling a new line of compact, low-cost Aviation Fuel Club Stations available immediately. These portable, 24/7 self-service systems feature cell-based card readers, online monitoring, U-Fuel’s patented safety features and come in smaller capacities to better serve the needs of general aviation. Available in 1,500, 2,000, 4,000 or 10,000 gallon sizes and starting at under $50,000, the Aviation Fuel Club Stations provide AFC members, airports, FBOs, flight schools, flying clubs and manufacturers with alternatives to larger tanks or truck fueling, according to officials.

Mike Webb, founder and CEO of U-Fuel, says “Our new Aviation Fuel Club is an organization by sport aviators, for sport aviators. Our intent is to lower the cost of flying by providing the most affordable fuel solutions possible. Our new AFC Fuel Stations enable smaller organizations to now enjoy the same market-leading features found in our other products. They yield greater profits in a shorter amount of time, make flying more affordable, convenient and safer. We’re very pleased with this latest chapter in our company’s history of providing the best fuel-related products and services to the aviation industry.”

U-Fuel provides complete support for all its fueling systems, including initial site planning, permitting, delivery and installation, training and ongoing monitoring and maintenance, he added.

For more information: UFUEL.com and AVIATIONFUELCLUB.com

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