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Garmin @ AirVenture 2022 & Garmin Pilot Updates

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Dec 14, 2020
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We’re excited AirVenture is here! In addition to a couple of Garmin Pilot updates and GFC 500 autopilot training course, we’re excited to share we’re hosting some familiar pilots and aircraft that we all love. And for those that visit us in person, you can purchase discounted databases directly from us. More specifics below.

We're sponsoring the Cherokee Mass Fly-in and I am planning to attend the Sunday afternoon celebration of the arrival. I’ll be at the show all week, so if you’re planning to make the trip, please stop by to say hello and soak up some air conditioning. We’re located right off Celebration Way near Boeing Plaza. See you there!

Garmin Pilot releases iOS v11.0
The team added more value to the weight and balance tool, two moving map updates, SkyEcho 2 support and the ability to download and display European Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP).

A new graphical weight and balance helps pilots visualize stations and weights. In the screenshot below, I have the A36 configured with all the original factory and AFMS updated stations/arms as well as any station specific weight limits. These have always been visualized with an envelope and weight / CG location based on the weights entered. Now, the stations are graphically visualized in an aircraft representation on the left, and in the case of the A36, with ‘Seats’, ‘Cargo’ and ‘Fuel’. In the example below, Garmin Pilot reminds me in a handful of places that my 100-pound entry in the aft baggage compartment exceeds the limit allowed at that station. Of interest, you’ll notice a yellow exclamation with a plain language statement of the concern, the weight in red font and red underline in the station and a reminder of the actual 70-pound limit at this station upon selecting the lower case ‘i’.


Another handy utility that’s been a staple of the weight and balance tool in Garmin Pilot is the ability to quickly adjust the amount of fuel required to your mission. Particularly helpful in this A36 that can hold up to 114 gallons of fuel. If I need to trade fuel for payload, I can quickly understand how much fuel I need to carry to make the trip with my personal minimum of a 60-minute reserve with a couple of taps.


If you haven’t used the Weight and Balance utility in Garmin Pilot before, no problem! It’s easy to get started. From the Settings --> Aircraft menu, you can Add Aircraft. Garmin Pilot has several popular make/model aircraft templates built in to get you started. You can add your aircraft’s specific empty weight, CG, and any adjustments as per your POH/AFMS.

We’ve added a new map search feature and updated the map distance measuring tool. A magnifying glass at the top of the map provides the ability to search for waypoints, navaids and more on the dynamic moving map. It uses our FastFind tech to use your position to help anticipate what you’re attempting to locate. I was flying last weekend with weather in the Midwest. The controller was helping me navigate around some weather and mentioned a VOR to consider inserting in my flight plan. This tool was helpful to quickly search, locate, and insert this into my flight plan. The second update improves the invaluable distance measuring tool by offsetting the measuring tool from the touch points, so you can more easily and accurately locate the tool on the map.

For those operating outside of the U.S., we’ve also added compatibility with the SkyEcho 2. Integration supports GPS position data and ADS-B traffic display. It does not include FLARM, at this time. Continuing the work to help serve pilots with NOTAMs, the team has included the entire source Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) for select European countries that include NOTAMs as well as pertinent information for operation. European AIPs are now available for download, by country in the document viewer.

For Garmin Pilot Android users, we recently released v8.2 that made improvements to the airport page.

If you’re flying to AirVenture, don’t forget to download the Oshkosh NOTAM from the document viewer in Garmin Pilot and familiarize yourself ahead of flying in. More tips on flying into AirVenture Oshkosh here: Welcome to Oshkosh: Garmin’s Guide to the World’s Biggest Aviation Event | Garmin Blog

New Online Training Course
Based on your feedback, the Garmin Aviation Training Team has created a self-paced, online GFC 500 training course. The comprehensive course reviews topics like the design, mode controls/annunciations, abnormal procedures, emergencies as well as advanced applications and safety tech like ESP and Smart Glide. It offers some sample scenarios to help practice the knowledge. More information here:GFC 500 Autopilot Essentials eLearning Course

Also, based on your feedback the team is nearing completion of a self-paced, online G3X Touch training course that we expect to become available next month.

Garmin @ AirVenture
The team always has quite the lineup prepared to host all of our customers at the event. Here’s a link to the website with the complete lineup of activities.


Meet Some of our Favorite Aviators and See their Aircraft on Display
  • Monday, July 25th @10:30: Mike @Mike_Patey and Mark @markpatey / Scrappy
  • Tuesday, July 26th @10:30: Justin Siems Pilot to Pilot and Mindy Lindheim @Schmiiindy
  • Wednesday, July 27th @10:30: Max Weldon @CitationMax1 and Stevie Triesenberg @Bayflight / C35 Bonanza
  • Wednesday, July 27th @12:00: Trevor “Dozen” Aldridge @dozen_aldridge
  • Thursday, July 28th @10:30: Chris Palmer @angleofattack & Josh Flowers @Aviation101films
  • Friday, July 29th @10:30: Mike @Mike_Patey and Mark @markpatey / Scrappy

All meetups are scheduled for an hour.

Buy Garmin Databases
For those attending the event, stop by our exhibit to save on Garmin databases ranging from a single navigation database for your portable GPS to comprehensive Garmin OnePak packages that offer a year of database updates, for all the eligible Garmin avionics in your aircraft.

Details here: AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 | Garmin

-Joey Ferreyra
Garmin Sales & Customer Experience Manager

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