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How do you stall a Cherokee on final?

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Apr 8, 2010
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In Illinois a 1963 PA28 180B stalled 30' above the rwy and crashed, I believe it was a student pilot on his first solo mission. I go up and practice approach configuration stalls in 00W and I really have to mentally fight with myself and do a lot of unnatural things to get it to stall and even then, 00W is fighting back and giving me all sorts of clues. I know the classic stall spin is over shoot base to final then try to drive it back with rudder. but I mean don't you really have to not be paying attention to do this or is there something about final approach that is different from stalling at 2500' AGL. Im not trying to criticize the pilot, it was a student and he banged himself up pretty good. It just seems to me that before stalling on final you'd really have to ignore a lot or either be very distracted to not notice a stall light flashing, ASI heading south and the buffeting. So, I guess more so, what Im asking is, how do pilots go about getting themselves into this situation, is it easier than I think? My girfriend says I'm anal and overly cautious, I really wouldn't want to be any other way :)

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