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Hot Weather

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Mountain Pilot

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Apr 13, 2010
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Hot Weather is here. :cry:

Its 88 deg F. outside, Altimeter Setting 29.91 and 16% humidity And field elevation is 7610 feet - Density altitude is 11,225 ft. :shock: Runway is 5,500 feet. Wind Calm. Full Fuel and two 200 lb people populating the cockpit. Also at 1,000 feet AGL ( 8610 ft ) the temperature is about 70 deg F or a density altitude of 11,400

I am flying a Piper PA-28-140 ( 150 HP )

Question 1: Will it safely fly?

Also took temperature reading of runway 129 deg F and Air at wing and air intake height, about 2 feet, above pavement 105 deg which makes the runway at a density altitude of 12,187 ft. :eek:

Question 2: If question 1 answer is yes, now will you still answer yes?

Question 3: How do I lean the engine on the runway, peak RPM or rich of peak ?

Answers later ( if I return )

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