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Help me make my Cherokee bigger

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Dec 15, 2021
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I already posted this in another forum (not Piper specific) but thought with all the Piper knowledge here, maybe I can get some more opinions in that regard.

Eventually, I have to move to something bigger than my Cherokee 140 with the 160 HP engine. This could be in a year or two. Right now, the plane is perfect as a two person + pet and bags plane but if another person enters our lives, it'll be too small. I'm looking at Comanches and if I can sell my Cherokee, a Comanche would be top of the list for my hopefully "forever plane".

Having said that, later in the summer I will start traveling a lot again and won't be able to keep my Cherokee on the market, hence if it's not sold by mid June, I'll keep it. In fact, I think our Cherokee would be fine even with a kid in the backseat IF I HAD A PROPER BAGGAGE COMPARTMENT. My useful load is plenty at over 800 lbs. It's just the space (other than front seats) that is tight. Plus, I know what I have with my Cherokee, the engine is fairly new (350 SMOH), newer interior, lots of small little items installed that I personally like. Speed wise, I'm good with it as well, I'm getting between 105 KTS and 115 KTS. Only speed mod installed are wheel fairings. I can probably get a few more KTS with additional mods. BUT, none of this would solve the space issue.

The 1966 Cherokee 140 is the same airframe as the 160 and 180 of similar vintage, yet those models all have more baggage space behind the seats because the bulkhead is a few stations further aft.

Are there any modifications to achieve something similar on a 140? Could I take out the hatrack bulkhead and install a regular wall bulkhead of a 180 or 160 a few stations further aft?

I also read somewhere about a modification about a baggage door on the 140 but in that thread, nobody could really tell if that was field approved or if there is an STC for it. I can't find anything official about that.

Also, I read about the "third window STC", which apparently would also allow for the bulkhead to move aft. Knots2U actually has that STC for sale but when I emailed their customer service about it, they said they don't know anything about that STC and said it can't be purchased from them. Why they still have it on their website then is a mystery to me.

If I could make the cabin of the 140 the same size as the 160 or 180 (which has to be possible somehow, it's the same freaking airframe), I could keep that plane for at least another 10 or so years.

If anyone has information in that regard for Canada, that would be extra special as my plane is registered north of the border.

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