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Apr 8, 2010
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So, I have this old 1979 Ford Courier, it runs OK, its about half rust and half oil holding it together. I call it my motorized wheelbarrow. It has brand spanking new tires, new alternator, new battery, new fuel pump. Leaks oil and I've been too lazy to change the fuel filter. In an effort to make the place look a little less Sanford and Son, having bought a new truck and fixed up an old beater that is better. I'm selling it. Would like to get the price of the new tires plus 20 bucks or so. I figure anything that runs with new tires is worth $350 bucks. So, I figured a rancher would pick it up, put feed in it and drive it till it dies, then take it to the scrap yard and get his 150 bucks back out of it. This kid comes up, I can see the twinkle in his eyes of being free on the road. He doesn't have much money but enough to buy it. He and his father aren't what I'd call the sharpest knives in drawer. He wants it, he's not very bright, but I can see him licking his lips for it. I can also tell that 350 bucks to him is like 35,000 to me. I tried to talk him out of it but he's going to buy it. Do I sell? I don't think he really needs it. They were nice folks, any other time I'd probably just give it to him but I can use the cash after the Bose A20s and the panel upgrade? I think its fairly priced, I just dont think its the truck for him and Im not sure he's informed enough to buy it, or ever will be. I hate to take a kids savings and sell him a dud, but I'm not representing it as anything else.

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