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Dec 7, 2022
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Well, after trying to find a prop for my 1963 PIPER CHEROKEE, 180, I think I got screwed with a seller on Barnstormers. I wanted to post this as I was sold me a Sensenich Propellor, for 3600.00 that in its ad clearly stated it was in serviceable condition, "refurbished by Sensenich" -- with a yellow tag. See the first photo.

Ok, good so, far, right? Well, I purchased and received said propellor with no tag—the seller claimed it was in the box. After my mechanic took it to the local prop shop in Tucson, they noticed new paint. The prop shop stripped the paint and found massive corrosion to the point of the propellor being unserviceable. See the second photo.

The total cost for the prop with the shipping was over 4K.

As of today, the seller has not responded to me in the positive of offering to refund anything, other than to say he wants the prop back first, to make sure his ‘guys’ can take a look at it, and, if the prop has not been damaged in any way, he would consider something.

To my dismay, the seller recommended to me that I 'sell it myself' if I wanted to get anything out of the prop. I told him that I would not sell a prop that wasn't serviceable, and at this point I have a 4000.00 paper weight sitting in the prop shop here in Tucson.

I wanted to make you on this forum aware of this, as the seller has several items for sale for Cherokees on Barnstormers. Unfortunate this type of nonsense happens, especially today when Boeing and other companies are having issues.

I don’t' have a ton of money to throw around like most of us that own Piper Cherokees, we just want the plane to run and be safe.

Posting so others can at least be reminded to beware of parts from sellers that look too good to be true. My current recourse is with the Credit Card Company filing a dispute - see how that goes.

Picture from Seller.jpg
After Paint Stripped by Local Shop.jpg

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