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Cherokee 180 RPM questions...

Nov 5, 2015
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So I have a Cherokee 140 that is repowered with an o-360 180hp engine, with a 76x60 prop.... and in cruse, above 7000 ft, at full throttle and leaned for best power I see 2650+ rpm, even up to 2700 but not over redline... 155 mph true airspeed. the plane is heavy at 1392 empty weight, but I normally fly at 1900 to 1950 lbs. In the summer heat, still see 500+ fpm climb @ above 7k DA. Now at a DA of about 3k to 3.5k DA I can see up to 1000 fpm climb.

So the question that I have along with the A&P I work with, is what performance would be expected with an increased pitch of 62 to 64 inches??.. Thinking the Archer II has a 64 pitch prop with the same power, what performance differences would be seen??... Always looking for speed as the stepped improvements!.. The A&P wants to re-pitch the prop to see but I don't want to change it and lose performance in the heat of the summer.... It will never be as fast the the Glasair III behind it but every little bit helps!...


What RPM would be expected with the 64 inch prop at the same above 7k and full throttle??... and if less RPM, would the speed still be the same or slightly more??...

I would like to find a 64 pitch prop to try out to see what the difference would be when flown on the same day / conditions.... Anyone in Utah area have a prop sitting around that could be "rented" for a few hours???..

This is one of those problems with winter weather and not being out flying enough, thus time spent thinking about "improvements".... The next ones will be longer wing tips, rudder fairing, and a few other small fairings to improve handling.... Sure love flying!....

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