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Beautiful 1974 IFR Cherokee PA-28-140/160 For Sale


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Jul 12, 2011
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I have had the pleasure of owning a 1974 Cherokee PA-28-140/160 hp for the past 3 years. I have invested a considerable amount of money in upgrades in the avionics, engine, and Interior to make this one of the nicest Cherokee's available. I finished my IFR this month and decided something a little larger and faster would suit the travel needs of the family a little better. I am looking for a new home for a great airplane. I want the plane to be owned by someone who appreicates the Piper Cherokee for what they are....not what they want them to be.

I just completed the annual this month. I have all log books and every single receipt for the airplane since is was factory new in 1974. I hanger the airplne in Gainesville, Ga (KGVL). It has many, many extras. This plane does NOT look or smell like a 1974 Cherokee. She has been my pride and joy and I have spent countless hours and dollars to make her perfect.

The following is the details of the aircraft. I will accept any reasonable offer but would like to be in the mid to upper $20's. Call Kevin Saunders @ 706-974-8316. My e-mail is [email protected].

The plane will not last on the market very long.....and I am a motivated seller.

1974 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140/160 HP upgrade.
N43078 Serial Number #28-7425332
Engine Lycoming O-320-D2G 160 HP
(11/6/2009) – IFR Certification
Engine gone through by Lycoming Factory 1600 hrs. Total hours 2,000
Annual just completed July 2011.


KLN 89B GPS Receiver and antenna w/KI-202 indicator left side panel.
Annunciator installed center pilot panel
PS Engineering PS8000SR Audio Panel. (High Fidelity stereo intercom system with Sirius Satellite Radio, I-Pod, full duplex interface and distribution for telephone systems, public address function, IntelliVox VOX-Squelch, 4 place intercom, split modes, marker beacons and internal recorder system).
Narco Nav122 VOR Nav Indicator w/Glide Slope Inspected/Tested/Certified 10/29/09
Narco Nav11 VOR Nav Indicator Inspected/Tested/Certified 10/29/09
Dual Michel MX-11 Digital Communication radios.
Push to talk on both yokes
Digital Exhaust Gas, Cylinder Head, Outside air temperature gauge.
Transponder w/Mode C
Garmin 295 Pilot Yoke Mounted GPS
Lowrance AirMap 500 Handheld GPS

Interior Upgrades:

Refinished seat frames, install all new high back seat cushioning and upholster w/headrests. All completed FAR 23.853 by Executive Air – Bolivar, TN.
New Piper floor mats front and back (FAR 23.853)
New Floor rib covers, Flap handle trim wheel cover, Throttle Quadrant Overlay. 9/24/09
Bruce Extended Canopy Custom Cover, Red with reflective N43078 lettering and red bag.
Replaced both shoulder harnesses, seatbelts, bushings 4/1/2009
New spinner/backplate 7/11

In compliance all AD’s.

Airplane 055.jpg

Airplane 061.jpg

Airplane 062.jpg


Senior Member
Apr 21, 2010
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Best wishes on selling your really nice looking PA28-140/160 and nice too see planes like this for sale. Post some Flyers at all your local AP with those pull off phone number tags too might help selling it, and contact some flight schools in your area as the plane is a great 1st time owner.

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