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AOPA Debit and Checking through BoA

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Apr 8, 2010
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Ok, so I thought I'd be smart and have a chunk of money transferred into an AOPA account over at Bank of America, throw the debit card and a check book in the plane for fuel, flight instruction and plane related things. Figure if there was no money in the flying fund then I don't fly. Seemed like a good idea to me, and I figured AOPA might get a little something so I went with the AOPA BoA thing. I made an initial deposit over the innarwebz and waited. A few days later the debit card comes in the mail and I call em up to get my account number so i can start direct depositing into my shiny new account. They get all weird and won't say much on the phone and finally, Im like, if you can find the account I'll call back later but I have to go now. they got real insistent that I stay on the phone. I'm starting to get annoyed. As it turns out, they opened up my account with my money IN SOMEBODY ELSE'S NAME. It's a womans name that I have no idea who she is. I won't say it here lest she do a google search and know she has a new account funded by me at Bank of America. Now the woman on the phone does a credit pull and everything points to me and say's she'll fix it ASAP. No problem mistakes happen and its only a couple hundred bucks tied up for a few days. A few days pass and I call and they say. Yeah, we fixed it. I tell them no they did not as everything still has this woman's name on it. She does some checks and see's that it has not been fixed then informs me that I will have to have some sort of official letter mailed to me, then go and have it notarized and mail it back to their main office. My response was "you're kidding right?". She doesn't seem to see the problem and is insisting that I somehow did this then 2 breaths later having to say they did it, then blames me again. I am not taking one second nor paying one cent to fix a problem they created. Beware of BoA. I've had a BoA account for 2 weeks now and not one pleasant experience. AOPA should find a new banking partner if this is business as usual over there. I have a local account and as bad as Wells Fargo is a couple of Wells Fargo accounts and have never had this much of a problem

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