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1968 Aztec turbo

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Jeff K

Senior Member
Apr 28, 2010
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In talking with my insurance agent, he identified two of the lowest rate planes as being the Seneca and Aztec (meaning, least claims and presumably safer aircraft). I had been looking at Seneca's, Baron 58's and Cessna 310's. The Baron 58 was ruled out as requiring too much runway. The insurance guy steered me away from the 310, and it seemed less comfortable then the Seneca in any case.

So the Aztec is something new to me. It makes my target runway (3000 feet with about ~500 feet of grass runoff) and with its weight carry ability, I should have more margin then the Seneca (I've been told safe M/E operations dictate loading ~200lb less then gross).

I'm looking at this one, a 1968 turbo aztec from 135 service. http://www.trade-a-plane.com/listing?id=1323582

Any thoughts as to what to watch out for in general, as well as specifically? I'm OK with ugly paint and interior. I do want deice.... and I haven't explored what is required to get this one going, other then a full set of boots from Goodyear can run up to $15K (for a Seneca... presume it is similar for this one). The avonics will also do me in the short term, I have an ILS that requires a DME.

Putting the wife in one this weekend... she preferred the Seneca of course, but was OK with a 310, so I presume the Aztec will be fine as the step up I think is less.

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