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Jan 24, 2021
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In the market for a PA32 lance, I am cash buyer, not a broker not looking to work with a broker. Prefer to deal with owner. My mission is family related and I have a grandson who has the bug and what a better airplane to teach him. Let me know. [email protected]
I learned in my dads pa32. If the grandson wants to learn, I'd suggest starting him off with a flight school that uses warriors. It's not the most forgiving thing to learn in... coming from someone that actually learned in one. If you're dead set on teaching him in one, get him to the gym and build up that right leg.


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Mar 22, 2012
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I prefer a 152 to start. We used 152s and a Warrior. It took on average 4 extra hours for the PPL in the Warrior. After the PPL in a 152, I could check them out in the Warrior is an hour. I did have one zero time student who bought a new Twin Comanche for his company. He had a couple of employees who were pilots. He decided that he wanted to learn to fly, in his TC. After got him ready to solo, gave him a complete multi-engine course before solo. Took about 35 hours to solo but he went on to complete his private and instrument. Traded the TC for an Aerostar.

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