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Hartzell Oil Filter?

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Feb 17, 2011
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I went to Wag-Aero yesterday on my way to the airport & picked up a few things. I usually get a Tempest oil filter but it was not available. The choices were Champion or Hartzell(formerly Kelly I believe). I went with the red one for just over $5 less. Any bad reports with the new Hartzell or Kelly? Since we change the oil fairly often & many engines previously just had a screen I wouldn't think minor differences in filters is that big of a deal.

I also got a 'compass card' & holder for my plane. My plan was to fill it out in a reasonable fashion & mount it in the plane. I'll do a DIY 'swing'. The way I see the regs it's mostly required equipment? Is that true for even VFR flight? Night? I had read it was required with certain types of compasses. Then the regs were vague on whether you had to even have it filled out or mounted, just in the plane was all. I told the Wag person it was nice having them nearby as a parts source.

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