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Get me legal

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Apr 8, 2010
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I need this laid out simple because even after the last thread on this, I still didn't understand.

I have a W&B Sheet, it aint nothing official. but the data is taken from and entered in the log book. I have a nicer version of it that has been run through a computer system and looks good.
I have the original 1963 Piper Owners manual.

I have been on the phone with my "local" Piper dealer and they don't know what exactly I need in the plane to be legal.

I believe I'm going to need an original W&B sheet (Does this contain the original Equipment List?) as it left the factory AND an AFM (Or does this contain the equipment list) both serial number specific ALTHOUGH I have been told that there was no serial number specific AFM for my airplane in 1963, the POH definitely refers to an AFM though.

So WHAT do I need? Anybody know?

If the FAA walks up to me tomorrow and asks me for every sheet of paper I have on the plane, what would I have hand to them to make them happy even under the most strict of circumstances?

Now lets suppose I don't have those sheets of paper what do I need to do to get them? I was told 135 bucks for a AFM and 135 bucks for an original W&B. Do I just buy those and do all 48 years worth of adjusting the numbers?

The Piper dealer didn't know, and she said she would contact Piper to find out but said they would not say that I need X,Y and Z to be legal that they would only tell me to read the regulations.

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