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Forum Ideas

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Apr 8, 2010
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I've gotten some suggestions from the folks around here and would like to pass them on and see what you think.

1. Thread Hijacking -- I think this just comes with the territory, sometimes a post is past its useful life and the conversation naturally drifts (You know like "Hey honey does this dress make my rear look big?). I don't really have much of a suggestion other than start a new thread, hey I'm spending the cash for a big ole database, you're not going to hurt anything by starting a new thread.

2. Put some creds in your signature, If you're a CFI/A&P/PPL/ATP or whatever and wish to let others know, put that in the signature.

3. How about at least putting what you fly down there? I keep a close eye on the site so I have picked up what most of you fly but some questions like "Hey Im at 95KTS on Final, is that too fast?" need a little clarification that a make/model might clarify.

Just suggestions... If anyone needs any help use the PM button over there --->

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