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Sunday lunch in a Comanche


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Feb 10, 2011
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My flying partner and I try to fly to lunch each Sunday. Yesterday wx over central Texas was pretty much marginal VFR, overcasts from 1,000 up to 2-3,000. No precip or storms. Good day for practice IFR. By time we met at TPL and got Comanche out the wind had increased to 15 gusts to 22 from South. Filed to SJT and got off ground and into soft cloud base at about 1,300ft agl using GRK Approach direct to SJT at 6,000. Broke out on top about 5,500 msl and was beautiful but had about 15 to 20 kt headwind. In and out of clouds working with GRK and Houston Center until HOU lost radar about 60 miles East of SJT, informed us to report 35 miles from SJT, did so and was handed off for a solid IMC no turbulence GPS RWY 18 to SJT with winds right down rwy and broke out of clouds about 1,200ft agl. Time 1.27hr. The restaurant / coffee shop was closed so Ranger Aviation gave us courtesy car to go into town where lunch was had at Zenters Daughters, kind of famous steak house in that area. Used Ipad and Foreflight to file flt plan while eating. Back to field and picked up clearance to TPL, departed and into clouds at about 1,200ft agl and now had good tailwind, in and out of clouds at 7,000ft msl but good ride. Asked for GPS 15 at TPL and GRK Approach vectored us North around R6302 and nice smooth approach to TPL with winds straight down RWY 15 at about 20kts. 1.17hr. A really nice trip and good actual IFR practice without lot of bumps and turbulence. God, the freedoms we have in this country are great. Hope everyone else on this forum had a great day for flying also.

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