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Re: Worn and Torn!


New Member
Feb 10, 2011
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Greetings all, I've just joined here, as I was a member of Piper Owner Society, but now have "landed" here.

I guess I'm sorta looking for some sympathy and help! I have a 73, PA28-180, Challenger/Archer, TTL 4480. Had it for about two years with partners then went solo ownership for about 9 months with the same plane. Last two annuals were good with everything fine but a few minor squawks. It's now on it's third annual since I've had her and has developed corrosion on camshaft along with cam-related wear issues. Engine was MOH in 2001 and now has under 500 hrs on it since then. I'm getting advice from my A & P to replace engine as an over-haul with roller tappets. I'm looking at about + $ 25K for it all. I'm already into the plane for about $ 40K. So that's the sympathy part!
Now on the help issue?
If I keep her and fix it, has anyone had dealings with Air Power,Inc. or direct with Lycoming, any suggestions?
Engine is an O-360-A4A.
My heart wants to keep her, but my head is saying "cut your losses" and get out.
I don't fly much (about 10 hours/month), Low time VFR, not for business, but pleasure, live in Louisiana (that may explain a lot of the corrosion as we are a very high humidity area). I'm also told the damage may have been caused by lack of use which will continue to be my normal amount of flying time! I could go back to renting, but all my area FBO's are very busy with rentals, so scheduling flight time is a serious issue.

Yep, I know --caught between a rock, a hard place, and the check-book!

Any opinions and advice will be most welcomed.

Reney Gothreaux
Lafayette, Louisiana

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