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Piper Cherokee 180 Part-Out


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Apr 25, 2021
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Ditto that on the Cherokee locks. I had to move my son's Cherokee from Springfield to Portland so I could put it in my hangar to pull the engine. When I got to Springfield I was shocked to find my airplane key was not in my flight bag anywhere.

On a hunch I took my BOAT key (2005 Rinker 312 Fiesta Vee) and it worked perfectly. Like it was made for it. Including the mag/starter switch. In many cases if it's even close you can jiggle/bounce it and it'll turn. If you have even the most basic of lock pick sets you can pick it in about 5 seconds flat with a rake and a tensioner.

Locks are made for honest people - at least the ones on these older planes.

Thanks Squito. At least at Gallatin there's a low fence with a picnic table to encourage the kids. I'm looking forward to using the repaired Cherokee to do Discovery Flights for any of my son's ROTC or other school friends who are interested.

Jeff was out there with us today and I don't really want to burn that bridge, although at this point he has no control over the hangar situation and honestly until Nashville Jet goes out of business or another FBO comes on property to lower gas prices, I won't be moving back down from Portland (or if I do I'll still gas up in Portland like a lot of other people do when gas is $2 a gallon cheaper).

Several people have mentioned a certain someone out there who showed interest in the planes I have back there (yes I pay for the storage monthly) so there's a lead or two. We shall see. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it turns up anything.
Hopefully you'll catch the low-life and if you do, take care of it yourself because he'll get slapped on the wrist and cut loose by those that are supposed to be protecting US. Consequences.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Richard L Murphy

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Aug 5, 2018
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OK, pictures of a few things for sale. All prices are OBO, willing to negotiate on them some.

KX-155 with Glideslope including rack and tray. No KI-209 available, that got stolen. $1,200.

KT-76 with rack and tray - $250.

KMA24 with rack and tray - $250.

Left flap is in overall good shape with a minor dent inboard that looks like it's been there for a very long time up at the top of the curve and usually under the wing faring so it doesn't appear it would be a problem but just disclosing everything I see - it doesn't look this wavy in person I zoomed way in for it. $750 and you pick it up or plus shipping.

Right aileron is in perfect condition. $1,000.

Aileron and Flap gap seals - come with the fuselage - you come and remove them, not drilling all those rivets out - lol. Haul the remains of the fuselage off or take it home for more parts.

Left fuel tank - no fuel cap, it got stolen two weeks ago. $500 plus shipping.

Right entry door - complete, including all latches and such. Don't want to get into pulling all that stuff apart. $750 for the whole door minus trim. Has a small dent middle from falling forward and hitting something on the nose, I can take a picture of this blemish for someone interested.

Baggage door - note, they cut the fuselage in two for transport RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of where the door was so this probably isn't suitable for retrofit. Door is in excellent condition - $350 plus shipping.

Interior complete minus headliner, plastic window trim, and some carpet that was just nasty anyway. Leather seats - no cuts but showing their 10 year age from general use, side panels tan, burgundy, and grey in good condition. $1,750 and you come pick it up or add $200 to palletize all of it and you pay shipping.

Tail section - includes horizontal and vertical and beacon in excellent condition. Doesn't appear it took a scratch. Would rather sell it all in one piece rather than spending more time taking it all apart. Does not include cables and such at the moment - might pirate those for my plane depending on what we find at annual. $2,000 and you come pick it up - no shipping on this one.

Battery box in good shape, pretty sure it's stainless. $350.

Struts, brakes, wheels, and tires in serviceable / rebuildable condition. They have held air in the struts since I had the annual done last year but the chrome shows some minor pitting that will need to be cleaned up / re-chromed. Tires have also held air. Brakes suck and I suspect have a small leak somewhere - right brake almost inop but it got me 15 minutes from Springfield to Portland. They have the AD affected torque link but it passed annual last year. Strut fairings included but no wheel pants. $750 each plus shipping.

I'm spitballing on a lot of this stuff so please let me know if I'm way off if you have eBay links, etc and we can chat about it. All of these items are removed now and ready to go.



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