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Piper Cherokee 180 Part-Out

Aug 5, 2018
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So I was finally successful in bidding on a salvage auction for a Cherokee 180 that had lots of parts I needed for my son’s trainer I bought at auction with no logs, which includes a nice engine and prop combo that I’ll be having overhauled.


Other items still available.

As such the engine that is currently on our 180 will be up for sale. This engine has unknown total time, was in LA most of its life but spent the last 5 years in Florida, 3 of which it was not being run. However it passed annual and borescope with good compressions and made book speeds of 125 Kts all the way from FL to TN after the annual was completed.

I’ve contacted the previous owner very nicely a few times asking to pay for the logs and he’s since blocked my number. I’d say that means no. He lost it over $3,600 in unpaid tie down fees. Lost his medical and just said the heck with it (I think he’s in his 70’s).

Depending on whether the McCauley Black Mac prop is rebuildable, I might also be selling the Sensenich.

This O360-A4A will be sold firewall forward minus engine mount, as-is, core value only, but I have the FlightAware tracks if someone wants to have a look, N6354J. Pictures also upon request, plan on going out next week and starting swapping interiors, then flying the plane to where I can use a hangar to pull the engine.

Asking $7,500 for the engine. The vacuum pump doesn’t work for squat but the carburetor looks fairly new-ish.

I’ll advise hopefully next week on the prop.

I will ask for a refundable deposit to hold the engine until it’s off and ready to ship. Might take a couple weeks for us to get it over there - I’m laid up after knee surgery and dependent on my I/A to fly it 15 minutes to Portland (1M5) where we can work out of the sun.

Local pickup in Nashville is fine if someone wants to drive up, otherwise shipping charges are whatever they cost me to drop it at a local transport hub on a pallet. I don’t have an engine crate.

Paypal is fine for the deposit but payment to be made wire transfer or other non-fee method. I’ll also video tape it running when my I/A moves it over to Portland (currently in Springfield, TN). Yes I can pay my I/A to do a current borescope and compressions with video for a prospective buyer.

Engine cross-posted to Van’s.

Also available:

KX-155 with G/S and KI-209 head unit, all racks, trays, and connectors. $1,500
KMA24, some other Nav/Com I’ve never seen before as well, I’ll get more details on Tuesday when I start yanking the interior out of it for my plane.
No other avionics worth mentioning.

My removed items:

Full interior - front cloth seats are disintegrating, no carpet, rear seats and side panels are good. $1,000?
Left fuel tank with rusty filler neck - probably repairable, and fuel cap
Left and Right main struts, wheels, and brakes with minor pitting on the chrome strut shaft but holds air fine - caveat trailing links may already be spoken for.

Other items from the salvage 180:

Full Horizontal Stabilizer - Undamaged - $2,500
Full Vertical Stabilizer with rudder - undamaged - $1,500
Entry Door - undamaged - $1,000
Baggage door - undamaged - $250
Left flap - will need to be re-skinned due to a bend at the inboard rear corner but the ribs are good - $250

Remaining front part of fuselage - note, recovery company had to cut it out of a tree so they cut the fuselage in half. Essentially anything and everything in the panel except radio stack, flap, rudder pedals, master cylinders, just take the whole dang thing because I don’t want to take apart stuff. $2,000

I’ll get more pictures on Tuesday when we go out to pull my nasty interior and put the nicer tan leather interior in. Local pickup only on the big items, I’m not setup to ship really. Picture below is my Cherokee on its way back to TN from Florida after annual back in June.

All items are open to offers - I’m spitballing based on what my I/A tells me it costs her to replace things in her plane.

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