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Owners Handbooks, Pilot Information manuals


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May 26, 2015
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Cleaning out and found these. All are in excellent condition, they look unused, and appear to be most all factory original publications.
Asking 25 per book including shipping. Open to offers...

Cherokee Series:
SOLD 1973 Challenger PA-28-180 OH p#761 513 issued 6/72, revised 1/73
1973 Charger PA-28-235 OH p#761 514 issued 6/72
Cherokee 235C PA-28-235 OH p#753 767 issued 4/68 revised 9/68
Cherokee 235D PA-28-235 OH p#753 808 issued 10/68 revised 11/73
Cherokee 235E PA-28-235E OH p#761 463 issued 9/70
Cherokee Six 300C PA-28-300 OH p#753 810 issued 10/69 revised 2/74

Warrior 11 PA-28-161 POH p#VB-1180 issued 8/82
Archer 11 PA-28-181 POH p#VB-1120 issued 7/79
Arrow 111 PA-28R-201 POH p#VB-879 issued 12/76

Tomahawk PA-38-112 PIM p#2126 issued 1/78 revised 10/78
Dakota PA-28-236 PIM p#VB-910 issued 6/78
Turbo Dakota PA-28-201T PIM p#VB-920 issued 1/79
Saratoga 11 HP PA-32R-301 PIM p#VB-1669 issued 6/97
Turbo Saratoga SP PA-32R-301T PIM p3VB1090 issued 11/79
Seminole PA-44-180 PIM p#VB=860 issued 3/78
Seneca PA-34-200 PIM p#76 506 issued3/72

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P1030450 (1024x768).jpg

P1030451 (1024x768).jpg

P1030452 (1024x768).jpg

P1030453 (1024x768).jpg
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