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Help and advice.


New Member
Nov 18, 2013
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Has anybody sold a plane on ebay or listed and not sold a plane? Just wondering what charges were incurred if the plane does not sell. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

1961 PIPER CHEROKEE 160 • $25,000 • FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • 5th Cherokee built. Nice flyer, great condition low time a/F & engine. Out of annual November 2015 • located Kimberling City , MO USA. serial# pa-5 n5004w TTAF***** 2674
TSMOh** 582
*Nice clean interior. Dual nav/com king KX170B. Garmin GPS100. Radios are selected through KMA24 & Sigtronics SP400 intercom.

Major overhaul was done* May 2000.
By Custom Airmotive, Inc. Tulsa OK.
Aircraft has been hangerd* for the 2+ yrs. That I have owned it.* And as far as I can tell most of its previous life.
Exterior Paint I would consider 8+ if not 9 out of 10. Interior is very clean. I will send pictures as soon as I can.* Very nice flying airplane.* I had not been current in 30 plus years, and my son showed an interest in flying, so we purchased the plane. My son lost interest before getting his private. I got current but the timing was not right for continuing on at this point. On top of that my mom had a stroke just over two months ago so a lot of time and Care involved in personal matters. Are forcing me to let this go for now. Let me know if I can be if any further assistance.* Thank you Eric.


Well-Known Member
Mar 1, 2015
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I have no clue, but I think your odds of a better sale are on the usual suspects. PoA, BT, Red board, and so on. Spam it out there and see where it gets you. Heck, even craigslist it. I would be asking what the commision is on that sale right from the get go on eBay though.


Well-Known Member
Jul 19, 2014
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Just a small listing fee on eBay if it doesn't sell. If you find a way to sneak you phone number in the ad and tell them to call for the log books, you can work the deal outside of eBay and just cancel the listing. Put something in the ad to effect that the plane is for sale locally and you will cancel the ad if it sells outside of eBay.

I'd put it on the other boards as well, but eBay gets you a ton of exposure for very little money. Just have to make sure no one actually buys it on eBay. If it sells, the fees are based on the selling price.


Staff member
Apr 12, 2010
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Search eBay motors fees.

It's 125.00 if it sells (other vehicles). No fee for listing. No sell, no fee.

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