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Fuel odor in cockpit?

Aug 21, 2010
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My '73 PA28-180 has apparently developed a mild leak in the fuel selector. I don't usually turn the selector "OFF"; I leave it in the last position I used during flight. When set to "left", there is no odor. When set to "right", there is a slight odor in the cockpit when I first open the door after the plane has sat for a while. (I don't (yet!) see any blue stains along the sidewall, or on/under the carpet.)

The last time I flew, I caught a whiff of fuel odor as I switched tanks from "left" to "right" en route. (The smell did not persist, and performance while feeding from the right tank was normal.)

Annual's due in May, but I'm guessing I should address this problem sooner than that... Any words of wisdom on likely problem(s) / solution(s)?


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