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FS: Garmin GNS 430 and 530 non WASS excellent conditon


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Oct 13, 2013
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Cedar Rapids, IA
In February 2014 my company purchased a 2003 Pilatus PC-12/45 and in April 2014 we sent it to King's Avionics near Kansas City to have some avionics upgrades done. Initially the plan was to upgrade the units to WASS and upgrade the King MFD to a Garmin unit but our flight management company made the last minute decision to upgrade the GPS units to the new GTN versions. Since at the time I was in the process of making a deal on a Piper Seneca II that was in serious need of an avionics upgrade, I purchased the 430 and 530 with the expectation of installing them in the Seneca. In May 2014 I picked up the two units as well as the trays, backing plates, connectors and antennas for both units. They were both well packed in the GTN box to protect them from damage. Since I was not planning to sell thses, I did not request 8130's with the Garmin units but they were as removed in working condition with all the parts and accessories that were removed from the Pilatus when the GTN units were installed.
The deal fell through on the Seneca and I just completed a deal on another Seneca II but this one already has two GNS 430s and a MX20 MFD so I don't have any need for the two Garmin units from our Pilatus. I am offering them for sale on this forum and the Beechtalk forum before listing them on eBay. They are in excellent condition without any damage to the faces or screens as they came out of a very nice, well cared for Pilatus. Since they came out of the plane in April, the databases may not be current. I have these photos of the 430 with the 530 in the background still wrapped in the packaging as I received them. I can send more photos or detailed photos to anyone interested.
Prices - GNS 430 $5000
GNS 530 $7800
PM me if you are interested or for more information. Thanks!

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

photo 4.jpg

photo 5.jpg


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